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Project Transportation

Project transportation refers to the transportation of non-standard weight and out-of-size (out of gauge) loads in a planned manner, using specialized trailers and towing vehicles that are suitable for the specific load being transported. A pilot car/escort vehicle is often utilized to ensure that the transportation is carried out without any damage. Flat rack, open top container, and low-bed trailers are typically employed in project transportation.

In addition to the transportation of non-standard loads, project transportation also encompasses the logistics organization of cargoes with standard weights and dimensions that require more than one vehicle for transport. Planning for project transportation involves a consideration of several factors such as the heights of tunnels, highways, bridges, intersections, overpass and their weight lifting capacity, number of lanes, and traffic density.


As Bollog, we understand that project transportation involves complex logistics operations and tasks, such as special distribution, storage, or handling demands from the customer. We meticulously organize and follow all these processes, from the loading point to the unloading point, to ensure that there is no damage to either the driver or the load. Our inland and international logistics and supply services are designed to cater to our customers' unique requirements, and we provide special transportation plans for out-of-gauge loads by organizing suitable vehicles.

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