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As Bollog Bol Logistics and Supply Services, we imagine ourselves as a part of our customers' company. With this understanding, we offer optimized solutions to the demands by evaluating the support they are looking for in logistics operations with our experience and passion for an innovative approach. We support our customers in all their logistics needs with just-in-time delivery, value-added services and sustainable solutions. 

Bollog Bol Logistics and Supply Services deliver every project on time with optimized operation plans that focus on reliability, competence, accessibility, courtesy, reputation, security, trusted communication, physical elements and the enthusiasm of understanding the customer. Our philosophy includes boutique service operations that can be integrated into all logistics and supply processes, strong and transparent communication, creating just-in-time solutions, providing predictable and value-added services and ensuring customer satisfaction while producing expert service with a sustainable and competitive price policy. Solidifying the base each day, we are working meticulously with the effort and desire to be a teammate that "creates solutions, not problems" within the companies and departments of our customers. 


To increase our service quality, it is always our priority to determine not only the current but also future needs of the sector from a wide perspective with our profound experience with a holistic approach to the logistics sector.

With this thought and belief, Bollog is a company that; 

  • Makes critical studies and plans on the improvement and development of organizational and operational processes and customer-oriented, practical and permanent solutions that applies to each transport;

  • Gives priority to take all necessary precautions with multiple and optimized business plans; 

  • Is able to manage natural, unpredictable and even slightly unavoidable problems of the sector and keep them under control;

  • Acts with the awareness that there are solutions to all possible problems, based on the understanding of "if there is a problem, there is a solution as well", "not the one who is a burden, but the one who lightens a burden".

We claim to produce a logistics service that aims a "100% customer satisfaction"; is always accessible, sustainable, and innovative. Bollog is a company that is open to development, suggestion and criticism. We believe in the power of accurate and punctual communication and know the importance of transparency. We will be your teammate that "produces solutions, not excuses".

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